Bucas Rug Selection

To make it easy for Bucas consumers to select the correct rug for their horse, Bucas has developed the Bucas Rug Selector.
This guide also shows how the temperature range can be expanded by the use of high performance materials such as heat reflective aluminium coatings and Stay-Dry wicking fabrics.

The Rug Selector guides are printed on swing tags attached to products and also appears in Bucas brochures.
The Rug Selector temperature guide uses colours, blue for too cold, red for too warm and green for recommended usage range. It also identifies Minimum and Maximum temperatures under and above which the product is not recommended to be used.
There are several factors apart from the temperature that are important to take into account, including; breed of horse, clipped/unclipped horse, humidity, wind exposure and duration of exposure. It is therefore of fundamental importance to ensure that the horse is comfortable at all times and to be aware that conditions may change and vary in a short time span