Buzz-off Rain Zebra Combi Neck

**Discontinued Item – limited stock remain**

The Buzz-Off Rain Zebra Combi Neck is a removable neck part for you Buzz-Off Rain Zebra Rug.

The Buzz-Off Rain Zebra offers the same protection from flies as the Buzz-Off Zebra but also has a waterproof and breathable upper to help protect your horse from rain showers.

Research has discovered that flies hate the Zebra stripes as they find it confusing and so steer clear of them!


  • Zebra mesh lower & Sun reflective Ripstop Upper
  • Elasticated browband to help keep neck in position
  • Attachment points to attach to your Buzz-Off Zebra Rain rug

Prices from: Original price was: 65.00.Current price is: 45.00.Ireland only

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