Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Mask

****Discoloured: Greenish/Black or Greyish/White****

The Buzz-Off Zebra Mask is made of lightweight, fine mesh with Zebra print.

The mask helps protect the horse’s ears and eyes from flies and it can be used on its own or in combination with any of the Buzz-Off range of rugs.

Research shows flies are confused by the Zebra stripes so stay clear.

Size Guide:

  • XL – Fits a horse wearing a XFull halter
  • L – Fits a horse wearing a Full size halter
  • M – Fits a horse wearing a Cob halter
  • S – Fits a pony wearing a Pony halter
  • XS – Fits a pony wearing a 5’0 rug
  • XXS – Fits a pony wearing a 4’6 rug

Above is just a guide.

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