Working side by side, Mike and Trish Ryan have represented their country at the highest level of eventing. This husband and wife team is one of just a handful of couples in the world that compete side by side and have gone on to represent their country at the biggest equestrian events in the world.
As well as the European Championships and World Equestrian Games, both riders have proudly flown the Irish Flag at the Olympic Games from 2000. Trish formed part of the Irish team at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and again at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, while Michael was part of the Irish Olympic team that finished fifth at the London Olympics in 2012.

Mike Ryan
Ballindenisk CIC 1* Tomgar Rembrandt 5th, CCI 2* It’s a Clover 6th.
Osberton CCI 2* Ballylynch Wizard 2nd.
Ballindenisk CIC 2* Ballylynch Wizard 4th,CIC 3* Ballylynch Skyport 4th.
Camphire CIC 2* Ballylynch Wizard 1st.
Kilguikey House Ballylynch Wizard 1st.
Tattersalls CIC 3* Ballylynch Adventure 5th.
Rockingham CIC 1* Ballylynch Wizard 3rd.
Camphire CIC 2* Dromgurrihy Blue 3rd.
Olympic Games London Team 5th.
Tattersalls CIC 3* Ballylynch Adventure 9th.
Ballindenisk CIC 3* Old Road 2nd.
Ballindenisk CCI 3* Ballylynch Skyport 5th.
Ballindenisk CIC 3* Dromgurrihy Blue 5th.
Camphire CIC 2* Annestown Emperor 4th.
Ballindenisk CIC 2* Dromgurrihy Blue 2nd, CIC 3* Annestown Emperor 2nd and Ballylynch Skyport.

Trish Ryan

Ballindenisk CIC 3* Dunrath Eclipse 5th.
Camphire CIC 3*Dunrath Eclipse 6th.
Kilguilkey House CIC 2* Dunrath Eclipse 2nd, Tullineskey Hi Ho 4th and Ballylynch HP 8th.
Ballindenisk CCI 2* Dunrath Eclipse 3rd.
Ballindenisk CIC 3* Tullineaskey Hi Ho 2nd.
Camphire CICYH 1*Kilpipe Jewel 3rd.
Kilguilkey House CIC 2* Tullineaskey Hi Ho 2nd.
Camphire CIC 1* Ballylynch Frenchie 2nd.

Donegan - Ryan Eventing Team

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