How to Attach the Bucas Wither Pad to a Bucas Rug

Rugging horses is common practice in most stables. Yet all too often a common dilemma is faced by horse owners. They want their horse to be warm, clean and cosy in their rug. But the aggravating downside to this is that the lower part of the mane can get pulled out. Similarly Rub marks can also easily develop on the wither or shoulders. Furthermore, horses that have been completely clipped are particularly sensitive to the pressure of the rug neckline. The main thing to look for is a rug lining that is smooth, clean and does not cause rub marks. The Bucas research and development team has been listening to feedback from customers and retailers and have come up with a solution —  the new Bucas WITHER PAD. The new pad has already been extensively tested in practice and passed with flying colours.

The Bucas WITHER PAD is compatible with any Bucas Rug with Combi neck attachment points and can be easily and securely attached to the exisiting hook-and-loop closures on the neckline. Firstly, fold the pad flat under the rug, where it alleviates pressure from the wither area thanks to its 300g of cushioned wadding. Helping to keep the mane and coat in good condition, the Silk-feel lining is smooth against the horse’s skin. In addition, The Bucas WITHER PAD is machine washable too. Bucas recommends washing the pad regularly as grease and dirt can also contribute to pulled out hair on the crest of the mane. The Bucas WITHER PAD ensuring the horse’s comfort and protecting the mane and wither.

1 Attach the wither pad to the rug using the hook and loop attachment points for the combi neck.

2. Fold the wither pad under the rug, ensuring it is flat

3. See below, a correctly secured wither pad: