How to Attach the Bucas Wither Pad to a Bucas Rug

Rugging horses is common practice in most stables. Yet all too often a common dilemma is faced by horse owners. They want their horse to be warm, clean and cosy in their rug. But the aggravating downside to this is that the lower part of the mane can get pulled out. Similarly Rub marks can also easily develop on the wither or shoulders. Furthermore, horses that have been completely clipped are particularly sensitive to the pressure of the rug neckline. The main thing to look for is a rug lining that is smooth, clean and does not cause rub marks. The Bucas research and development team has been listening to feedback from customers and retailers and have come up with a solution —  the new Bucas WITHER PAD. The new pad has already been extensively tested in practice and passed with flying colours.

The Bucas WITHER PAD is compatible with any Bucas Rug with Combi neck attachment points and can be easily and securely attached to the exisiting hook-and-loop closures on the neckline. Firstly, fold the pad flat under the rug, where it alleviates pressure from the wither area thanks to its 300g of cushioned wadding. Helping to keep the mane and coat in good condition, the Silk-feel lining is smooth against the horse’s skin. In addition, The Bucas WITHER PAD is machine washable too. Bucas recommends washing the pad regularly as grease and dirt can also contribute to pulled out hair on the crest of the mane. The Bucas WITHER PAD ensuring the horse’s comfort and protecting the mane and wither.

1 Attach the wither pad to the rug using the hook and loop attachment points for the combi neck.

2. Fold the wither pad under the rug, ensuring it is flat

3. See below, a correctly secured wither pad:








What size fly mask should I buy?

Bucas fly masks are designed in relation to Bucas fly rugs. The chart below is a guide for customers to help find the right sized fly mask for their horse/pony.

Please note, the actual size required may vary due to horse conformation. Customers are advised to try their Bucas fly mask on a clean dry horse and keep their proof of purchase in case an exchange is required.

To determine which size rug your horse would take we advise measuring your horse with a Bucas measuring tape. Email with your full name and address and we will post your measuring tape free of charge! Learn how to measure your horse here.

You can purchase Bucas Fly Masks here.

When checking the fit of your Bucas Fly mask ensure:

  1. The mask fits securely, it is not loose and cannot become caught in anything while your horse/pony is in the field.
  2. It is not tight in any area, particularly over bony areas which are more prone to rubbing
  3. There is good eye clearance for your horse/pony
  4. The mask is not tight or putting pressure across the poll (particularly with horses and ponies with thick manes and forelocks)
  5. That your horse/pony is confident and comfortable in their mask
What is the difference between the Bucas Fly Sheets?

Bucas Fly Sheets come in a range of styles and colours, but what is the difference?

Buzz-off & Buzz-off Zebra

The original Bucas fly rug. Specially developed lightweight fine mesh fabric which locks out flies! Available in blue/ silver, which reflects the sun and keeps the horse cool. Also comes in Zebra stripe, which has been proven to deter flies.

Bucas Fly Sheets

Buzz-off rain & Buzz-off Zebra rain

A combination of the Buzz-off and Sun shower. The Buzz-off rain has a waterproof upper panel and mesh lower. Resulting in the perfect rug for warm showery days.

Buzz-Off X Range

Available in silver, protecting your horse from flies and UV rays.  a special extra-deep lightweight mesh fabric that helps block out flies and protects against sun bleaching.

Sweet itch & Sweet itch Zebra

Available in blue/ silver, which reflects the sun and keeps the horse cool. Zebra stripe, which has been proven to deter flies. A durable closed fabric fly rug, designed to blocked entry from even the smallest of insects.

Sweet-Itch X Light

The Sweet-Itch X Light, available in silver,  is an extra deep Sweet-itch protective rug. Combining a solid polyester upper for maximum protection and a mesh fabric lower. Offering both fly protection and good air circulation.

Freedom flysheet

Bucas Freedom flysheets are always available in silver, while limited edition seasonal are available in the Spring/Summer months annually.

Developed to answer all your horses needs, not sure what is best for your horse? Give us an email or call (021 431 2200) to discuss your options!

Bucas Lining Guide

Welcome to the Bucas lining guide!

Deciding which lining is best for your horse? In this guide, we will explore the different Bucas linings.  Giving you the knowledge to make the best decision.

Stay-dry Lining

Bucas’ Stay-dry lining is designed to help in keeping your horse dry and comfortable, even in wet conditions or after exercise.

The Stay-dry lining has a fast-acting stay-dry technology that wicks away moisture from the horse’s skin. This helps to prevent horses from getting wet and cold. It can also help to reduce the risk of skin irritation and other problems caused by prolonged exposure to moisture.

Dermo care Lining 

Bucas’ Dermo Care lining is designed to provide extra care and protection for your horse’s skin and coat.

The Dermo Care lining is made from a soft, silky material that is gentle on the horse’s skin and helps to prevent irritation and rubbing. In addition the Dermo Care lining is also breathable and moisture-wicking, which can help to keep the horse dry and comfortable, even in wet conditions.

Silky Lining 

Bucas’ Silky lining is designed to provide extra comfort and a soft, smooth feel against the horse.

The Silky lining is made from a soft, silky material that is gentle on the horse’s skin and coat, helping to prevent irritation and rubbing. It is also designed to be breathable and to leave the horses’ coat feeling silky smooth.

Mesh Lining 

Bucas’ Mesh lining is designed to provide extra ventilation and airflow for the horse.

The Mesh lining is made from a lightweight, breathable material that is perforated with small holes to allow maximum airflow. This can help to keep the horse cool and comfortable, especially in hot or humid conditions.


All Bucas linings are machine washable at 30°, use Bucas Rug Wash for best results. 

Bucas Warranty

The Bucas Warranty guarantees that our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years if you have the receipt. However, if you register your Power, Smartex, Atlantic or Therapy Turnout rugs within 30 days of purchase, you’ll receive a 3-year warranty.

The Bucas Warranty does not cover accidental damage, normal wear, or misuse. You must also follow wash and care instructions and use the product as intended for the warranty to be valid.

To submit a warranty claim, please contact the Bucas retailer where you purchased the rug. If you purchased directly from us, please email

To complete your claim, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  1. Proof of purchase
  2. A photo of the label from inside the rug
  3. A photo and description of the problem
  4. A photo of the rug on the horse taken from the side, with the whole horse visible so the fit can be assessed. Note: Issues due to ill-fit are not covered by the warranty. Make sure you have measured your horse and checked the fit before use!
  5. Details of how the rug has been washed and dried.

Once all the required information is received, we will assess your claim and resolve it as soon as possible.

Bucas Sizing for Small, Medium, Large & X-Large

Bucas Sizing for Small, Medium, Large & X-Large rugs can be seen in the table below.

These rugs are sized using small, medium, large, and extra large sizes rather than specific measurements. This is because these sizes are more flexible and can accommodate a wider range of horse sizes.

By using small, medium, large, and extra large sizes, Bucas can create rugs that are suitable for a range of horses within a certain size range.

When sizing a horse rug, it is important to take accurate measurements, ensure a proper fit, and consider the length, and style of the rug to ensure it is suitable for your horse’s needs.

If your horse measures in between Bucas Sizing, we advise trying the smaller size first because the larger size might move around or end up pulling the rug backwards (causing rubbing/chafing at the neck/chest/shoulders).

Bucas recommends measuring your horse before making your purchase, you can see how to do this here.

Size Horse Measurement Starting Size
Small 125cm / 5’6” / 66”
Medium 135cm /6’0” / 72”
Large 145cm / 6’6” / 78”
X-Large 155cm / 6’9” / 81”

Rugs that are measured in S-M-L-XL are:


Choosing a Bucas Neck

Choosing a Bucas Neck that fits your rug is simple, just follow the table below!

Necks are available in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Choosing a Bucas Neck in the correct size for your rug is very important. The correct size ensures comfort, coverage, fit, and top performance of the rug. A neck that is too small may not provide enough coverage, while one that is too large may cause the rug to shift or slip. An incorrectly sized neck can cause the rug to fit poorly, which can be uncomfortable for your horse and may also affect the rug’s performance.

Neck Size Rug Measurements
X-Small 115cm – 120 cm / 5’0 – 5’3 / 60″ – 63″
Small 125 – 130 cm / 5’6 – 5’9 / 66″ – 69″
Medium 135 – 140 cm / 6’0 – 6’3 / 72″ – 75″
Large 145 cm / 6’6 / 78″
X-Large  155 – 170 cm / 6’9 – 7’2 / 81″ – 86″

Why are Bucas Necks beneficial for you and your horse?

  • A detachable neck allows you to customize the coverage of your horse’s rug to suit the needs of your horse. For example, you can remove the neck on warm days to allow your horse to cool down, or add it back on when the weather is cooler.
  • Easy to clean: A detachable neck can be removed and washed separately, making it easier to clean the entire rug.
  • Prevents rubbing: If your horse is prone to rubbing, a detachable neck can help prevent rubbing on the neck and shoulder area by allowing you to adjust the fit of the rug.
  • Versatility: A detachable neck can add versatility to your horse’s rug, allowing you to use it in a wider range of weather conditions.

Attaching a Bucas Neck



Why Choose Bucas?

There are several reasons to choose Bucas. Bucas is for you if you want a wide range of rug products and accessories, that are both innovative & high-quality from a brand with a reputation you can trust.

Why Choose Bucas?

High-quality: Bucas products are durable and effective at keeping horses warm, dry and comfortable.

Wide range of rug products & accessories: Bucas offers a wide range of horse rugs, including turnout rugs, stable rugs, and fly rugs, so you can find the perfect rug for your horse’s needs. We also have some great accessories and wash & care products.

Innovation: Innovation has always been at the heart of Bucas. Bucas produced the first high performance water resistant turnout rug in 1982. We have continued to innovate throughout the years. Some of our innovations include; waterproofing, Stay-dry linings & the revolutionary Buzz-Off full body fly and UV protection rug.

Reputation: Bucas is the name which is know for our technical equine rugs! We pride ourselves in creating a collection of technical rugs. Ensuring your horse is suitably dressed no matter what the weather or occasion. Thus, this great tradition of pioneering “intelligent” horse rugs continues and our product range today includes a greater choice of high performance products than ever before.

Learn more about Bucas and our history here!

Click here if you want to hear what Mary King thinks of Bucas rugs.

Bucas Warranty Extension - How to extend your warrant from 2 to 3 years?

The Bucas Warranty Extension allows your warranty to be valid for 3 years. The Bucas warranty guarantees that products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years. You must retain your receipt for the warranty to be valid. You can extend the warranty on any one of our High Performance Power, Smartex, Atlantic and Bucas Therapy Turnout rugs and Combi Necks. All eligible products will feature our ‘Extended Guarantee’ Swing Tag.

How to Activate the Bucas Warranty Extension?

All you need is your proof of purchase (receipt) and the product label details. You’ll find the label inside the rug or combi neck. Registration must happen within 30 days of purchase, and then we will extend your warranty from two years to three.

Extend you warranty here or here (within 30 days of purchase). fill in all boxes with both your details and the product details, send us your receipt and your warranty will be be extended. Your warranty extension will be confirmed by email.

Our promise:

Bucas guarantees that products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years. You must also be in possession of the receipt.

The warranty excludes accidental damage, normal wear, and misuse. Furthermore, for the warranty to remain valid you must retain your receipt, follow Bucas wash & care instructions and use the product as intended.

Bucas Wash & Care Instructions

Bucas Wash & Care Instructions must be followed for a valid warranty.

Bucas products may be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30ºC, and on a gentle cycle. Fabric Softener must not be used. Air Dry only, therefore do not tumble dry. Use only Bucas Rug Wash. Household detergents may damage or destroy the waterproof coating. Do not dry clean.

Waterproof & Breathable Fabric

Bucas Turnout rugs are made with waterproof and breathable fabric. In order to retain the waterproof and breathable properties of this fabric, it is essential to follow Bucas Wash & Care Instructions.

Please also note that water may find its way inside the rug from around the edges and stitching. In most conditions this will be very limited but during heavy rainfall a considerable amount of water may run down the neck and inside the rug.

Water Repellency

Bucas waterproof and breathable fabrics have an additional water repellent outer coating. The coating both protects the outer fabric and stops it from absorbing water. The outer coating is exposed to considerable weathering and wear. It is important to note that the coating is also affected by washing. Excessive washing will result in the coating breaking down much quicker than intended. To restore the outer coating, apply Bucas Rug Conditioner.

General Rug Care & Use

For best performance ensure that the rug is the right size for your horse. When not in use store rugs in a dry place with good ventilation.

Check out our video on washing your Bucas rug here and conditioning here!

Bucas's Guide to Measuring your Horse For a Bucas Rug

Bucas’s Guide to Measuring your Horse ensures you will get the right size first time!

To provide your horse with the optimal fit, comfort and protection that it deserves, it is important to select the most appropriate size rug for your horse.

When choosing a Bucas Rug, you must consider two factors

  • The measurement of the horse in relation to the size of rug that it needs
  • The temperature range for which the rug you choose is most suited
  • Which Style would suit your horse best (Classic Cut, High Neck, Big Neck)

The following instructions outline a step-by-step approach to measuring your horse for a Bucas rug.

*Please note that it is the measurement of the horse that determines the size. The shape and build will determine the style.

Bucas's Guide to Measuring your Horse - a guide to finding the right size horse rug for your horse

Bucas’s Guide to Measuring your Horse

Bucas recommends that the horse be measured from (A) the centre point of the chest, over the high point of the shoulder, and then to (B) the rear of the hind leg. When you have the measurement, choose the nearest size from the table below,  or email: and we can post a Bucas measure tape to you. You can a video of this here.