Bucas design, create and make high performance horse rugs and related equestrian products.

Stay-dry fleece lining

Stay-dry fleece lining

Since 1981, when Bucas was founded in Cork, Ireland we have merged the great Irish equestrian tradition with the latest technical developments and experience from other industries, countries and markets. This has resulted in the development of a wide range of highly innovative and technically advanced products. From the beginning we have exported more than 90% of our products to markets around the world.

In 1982, we produced the first high performance water resistant turnout rug. This was followed by the first fully waterproof and breathable rugs by the end of the eighties. We have also perfected the “Stay-dry” principle of using wicking linings that transport sweat and moisture away from the horse while the inside of the lining remains dry.

In the 1990’s we developed the first truly light weight fully waterproof and breathable turnout for use at higher temperatures than ordinary turnout rugs. We also introduced sun reflective rugs and anti-bacterial linings.

In 2000 we introduced the revolutionary Buzz-Off full body fly and UV protection rug. The outstanding overall performance and durability of this product is reflected in the strong customer approval and satisfaction.

In 2012 Bucas then launched another revolution with the Buzz-Off Zebra fly rug. We designed this rug on the lines of why Zebra’s in the wild are never bombarded with flies and it’s down to the pattern of their stripe. Simply put, the flies are confused by the stripes so stay away!

Buzz-Off Zebra

Buzz-Off Zebra

 And we are not showing any signs of slowing down as in 2014 with the launch of the New Select Range of rugs this year. We have already had a feature on our rugs in National newspapers and Blogging websites, which for an equestrian company to be in the mainstream news feed is a great achievement. Also we are launching our new Retail Portal so as all our trade customers can make all their orders online and we are also building this new information website for our end users to get information they need and register their products for guarantee.


Bucas is the name which is synonymous with technical equine rugs and for good reason too! We pride ourselves in creating a collection of technical horse rugs to ensure that your horse is suitably dressed no matter what the weather or occasion throws at you!

Thus, this great tradition of pioneering “intelligent” horse rugs continues and our product range today includes a greater choice of high performance products than ever before.

Enjoy the site, The Bucas Team