What size fly mask should I buy?

Bucas fly masks are designed in relation to Bucas fly rugs. The chart below is a guide for customers to help find the right sized fly mask for their horse/pony.

Please note, the actual size required may vary due to horse conformation. Customers are advised to try their Bucas fly mask on a clean dry horse and keep their proof of purchase in case an exchange is required.

To determine which size rug your horse would take we advise measuring your horse with a Bucas measuring tape. Email admin@bucas.com with your full name and address and we will post your measuring tape free of charge! Learn how to measure your horse here.

You can purchase Bucas Fly Masks here.

When checking the fit of your Bucas Fly mask ensure:

  1. The mask fits securely, it is not loose and cannot become caught in anything while your horse/pony is in the field.
  2. It is not tight in any area, particularly over bony areas which are more prone to rubbing
  3. There is good eye clearance for your horse/pony
  4. The mask is not tight or putting pressure across the poll (particularly with horses and ponies with thick manes and forelocks)
  5. That your horse/pony is confident and comfortable in their mask