Stay Warm and Comfortable: Choosing the Right Horse Rug for Colder Months

As we welcome the new year and the cold months ahead, it’s important to make sure our horses are protected from the winter weather by Choosing the Right Horse Rug.

Choosing the Right Horse Rug helps to keep your horse warm, dry, and comfortable. However, with so many options available, it can be tough to know which is the right choice for your horse. So Bucas have put together some tips for you!

Choosing the Right Horse Rug - Bucas Smartex Turnout

Smartex Turnout

Here are our tips for choosing the right rug:

1. Consider insulation:

When it comes to keeping your horse warm, insulation is key. Look for rugs that are made with materials that are designed to trap heat, such as the Bucas Power Turnout Range. This range has a variety of insulation weights in addition to Stay-dry anti-bacterial lining. All Bucas Rugs with insulation use a Thermobonded Polyester wadding. Bucas provides approximate temperature ranges for most turnouts so you make an informed decision!

2. Look for water-resistance:

Wet weather is a common occurrence in Ireland, so it’s important that your horse’s rug can stand up to the elements while also being robust and durable. Look for rugs that are made with water-resistant materials, such as nylon or polyester, or that have a waterproof coating. This will help to keep your horse dry and comfortable, even in wet conditions. All Bucas turnout rugs are made from water resistant materials and finished with an additional water repellent outer finish, which protects the fabric and stops the outer fabric from absorbing water.

Choosing the right horse rug for winter weather - the Power Turnout is an excellent choice.

Power Turnout

3. Choose a good fit:

Poorly fitted rugs are uncomfortable for your horse and will cause problems like rubbing or chafing. Measure your horse carefully when choosing a rug that so that it fits well, with enough room for your horse to move comfortably. A rug that is too big for your horse is may seem like a good option to allow movement. However this is not the case. Rugs that are too long will hang down over your horses’ hindquarters pulling the whole rug backwards and putting pressure on the horses’ chest and shoulders. Chafing and rubbing as a big risk with this pressure.

Not sure how to measure you horse? Click here for a how-to video!

4. Don’t forget ventilation:

Atlantic Turnout

While it’s important to keep your horse warm in the winter, preventing overheating is also important. Therefore getting enough airflow is crucial. Look for rugs that are waterproof and also breathable. Bucas Turnouts have a breathability rating of: > 3000 g/24h/m²

Ensure your horse stays warm and comfortable in all weather with these tips! Because the right rug will keep your horse healthy and happy.

For help with your decision or if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to give us a call (021 431 2200) or email (