Bucas Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Bucas Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas 2022 has been carefully curated as a guide to finding your horse (or your horse mad loved one) the perfect Bucas Christmas gift!

We have some great options and the possibilities are endless (well not quite endless!), so it can be like navigating a minefield when choosing the perfect Christmas gift, so let us do the hard work of rooting through all the options and show you our top 5 picks!

1. Power Turnout Light

The Bucas Power Turnout light is the “creme dela creme” of turnout rugs! Why not treat your horse this year, the Power Turnout Features the highest spec of any of the Bucas rugs, to offer you and your horse the best that they can get! Keep your horse cozy on those chilly winter days without over heating in the afternoon winter sun! We even have some great options for this rug at bargain prices in our Bucas Factory Seconds section, check it out here!

Power Turnout Rug

2. Bucas Therapy Cooler 

The Bucas Therapy range helps to prevent numerous problems and also helps in the treatment of a vast array of ailments. The perfect choice for any equine even, older horses, horses who are slow to warm up, horses who are recovering from injuries or ailments. the rug stimulates blood flow and circulation, making it a useful addition to anyone’s rug collection. We even have limited options in our Bucas factory seconds!

Therapy Cooler

3. Bucas Rain Protector

The Bucas Rain Protector is a waterproof, breathable and lightweight sheet designed to keep your horse and tack dry in the rain. With our wet winters and spring, never get caught out with this perfect rain protector, perfect for competition days or outdoor exercise! Your horse will thank you for this Christmas gift – no more needing to turn their hindquarters to the rain!

Bucas Rain Protector

4. Bucas 2020 Boots

Keep your horse protected while travelling. These will make a great addition to your horse’s wardrobe for the 2023 season. The Bucas 2020 Boots are made of a tough outer nylon fabric and Stay-dry inner lining. Cushioned padding so they will fully contour to the horse’s leg. Three large straps on the front boot and Four large straps on the rear boot, and elasticated top and bottom straps on front and hind boot help secure the fit of the boots.

Bucas 2020 Boots

5. Max Saddle Pads Jump & Dressage

You can never have too many smart saddle pads can you?! The Bucas Max Saddle Pads are layered with our Anti-Bacterial Stay-dry fabric. Quilted with High-density wadding for extreme comfort. Stay-dry lining wicks moisture away during exercise and help prevent overheating of the horse and the Anti-bacterial coating will prevent the spreading of skin irritants from one horse to another.

Bucas Max Saddle Pad Dressage

Bucas Max Saddle Pad Dressage