Easter Weekend Round Up

It was a mega weekend for our Bucas Sponsored riders all over the place this weekend! Competing across Europe well done to y’all, you did us proud!

Well I shall address the “elephant in the room” that is Charlotte Dujardin and the amazing Valegro winning their 1st World Cup in their 1st ever showing!! Oh and breaking another World Record too! Yawn, its getting a bit too easy for them, one would think, but that was/is before you saw the new Freestyle to Music they premiered on Sunday!! Holy Mackerel!! That last centre line of Piaffe Pirouette AND then a change of direction, SERIOUSLY!!! If it sounds like I’m talking total jargon just check out the link below, you’ll only see a snippit of it but you’ll totes understand what I’m talking about!

Burnham Market International saw the Donegan-Ryan Event team pay them a visit with a load of horses!! Trish and Mike had a horse each in the CIC3* but both chose to pull them before the cross country to save them for other day. Apogee and Mike just added a bit of time to their dressage score to finish 10th in the Novice and Tomgar Rembrandt finished 7th in the Intermediate, again just adding some time to their dressage. Productive weekend all round!

Also at Burnham Market was Mary and Emily King. The ladies each had a horse in the 3* International finishing 17th and 18th. If you still haven’t seen the Elite Eventing Cribs episode that I shared earlier you are missing OUT! It needs to be in your life and of course Bucas is front and centre, representin!! Follow the Link below to view it!

And last but by no means least to Joseph Murphy representing in Eventing Ireland’s Tyrella. He had a string of 1* horse with him to keep him nice and busy! In the CNC1* A he finished on both of his dressage scores to slot into 13th and 14th spot and the CNC1* B he slotted into 16th and 17th, clearly he must of been getting tired, says your wan who has an office job!

Annnd that’s your Easter Weekend Round up!