Smartex Rain News

The Smartex Rain is a super rug to use at this time of the year, right?

You know why? right? You don’t? Where have you been hiding!!

Ever find yourself after a long day at work and you ride out the Horsey and they are a little sweat after riding, so you sponge them down but need to put them back out to the field with their buddies for the evening!!

Well…… lets introduce you to the Smartex Rain and the amazing Stay-dry lining!

How the Stay-dry fleece lining works is that it wicks away the moisture from the horse’s coat drying them faster and because is causes the moist to evaporate from the skin it means no wet rugs sitting on the horse’s back so they can head out to their friends in the field and you can turn them out in the knowledge that they wont be getting a chill in their back!

Win/Win you’re happy and the horsey is happy.

Get yours here: