Top Tips for Washing your Bucas Products

Now is the time of the year to be washing your rugs, right!

And if you are lucky enough to have a washing machine that has the capability to do this, now really is the time! We’ve got some great Irish spring time drying so the rugs can dry naturally which is the best way to dry any rug, if at all possible!

But first things first! Preparing your rug for washing – make sure all fastenings are closed! close all front straps and where possible cover all Hook and loop fittings, as this will help prevent the rug or hair from sticking to the Hook and Loop straps!

Ideally “knock off” any really heavy dirt from the rug and brush any hair from the inside as well! Where do you think these will go if its all piled into the machine still on your rug? In to the filter system that’s where! And it may not be straight away that you will need to clean that out, you’ll be guaranteed that it will be the day before a show and your white saddle pad is stuck in the machine and you wont be able to get it out until you clean the filters and drain the machine! Or worse….. you’ll have to call the plumber!!

Make sure to only use Bucas Rug Wash when washing your Bucas products. The special formula of the Bucas Wash won’t break down the waterproof barrier on your rug like some normal washing powders can.

The Bucas Rug Wash should be used on all Bucas products, including Halters, Saddle Pads and Girths!

The most important rule to washing your Bucas Products………. 30`C!! We all heard that to really wash something you need to “boil” it clean! Well if you plan on doing this your 6’6 Power Turnout it will be a wonderful addition to your cats wardrobe! If you wash your Bucas products in a temperature over 30`C firstly your Bucas warranty will be nil and void as you haven’t followed the instructions set out on the product labels! Also you run the risk that your product could shrink! 30`C is plenty warm enough to get your product clean and to help extend it’s life!

Once the washing machine has finished the washing cycle, try and make sure to get the product out as soon as possible, so it is not sitting in the machine any longer then it needs to be! If you are lucky enough to have a dry sunny day, ge the product out to air dry in the sun! Through the product over a gate or fence, lay it flat or set up a wheel barrow to lay it over if its a rug. Get inventive! Other wise hanging on a drying rack in our tack room or over the door in the barn will suffice!

When your rug is dry fold it up and place back in the Bucas bag that it came with and for handiness sake stick some masking tape or duct tape to the bag so you can write in marker what is in the bag and what size it is. This will be a life saver while trying to find it later in the year when you need it again!