Pony Sweet-itch Rugs

Bucas Pony Sweet-itch Rugs are specially designed to provide protection and comfort to ponies suffering from sweet-itch. Sweet-itch is a skin condition. It is caused by an allergic reaction to the bite of midges and other biting insects. The rugs are made of breathable, lightweight and durable fabrics. They effectively shield the pony’s skin from the bites of insects. Reducing the severity of itching and preventing further infections.

Sweet-itch rugs are available in different sizes, to fit a variety of ponies. The rugs are also designed with various features to provide additional protection and comfort, such as full neck coverage, full body covers and belly pads!

Sweet-itch rugs are an essential accessory for ponies suffering from sweet-itch, as they provide the necessary protection and comfort needed to prevent further outbreaks and promote healing. The rugs are easy to clean and maintain.

So if you are looking for a solution to your pony’s sweet-itch condition, consider investing in a Bucas sweet-itch rug. With their combination of comfort and protection, Bucas rugs are the ideal solution for managing the symptoms of sweet-itch. Ensuring that your pony remains healthy, comfortable, and happy.

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