Bucas Quilt 150 SD – Mini

***Discontinued colour – limited stocks remain***

Bucas mini samples have all the premium features that are included in the full-size models. Great for miniature ponies!

With a Back length of 66cm and a Chest to rear binding length of 94cm.

The Bucas Quilt is a stable/under rug that can be used on its own, combined with any Bucas Turnout to help insulate your horse when it’s turned out or combined with a Bucas stable rug for extra layers and warmth.

The Quilt features external cross surcingles and comes with rear and front attachments to help secure the turnout or stable rug to the Quilt when used together.

The Bucas Quilt 150 SD has a 150g insulation fill with a Stay-dry lining. The Stay-dry fleece lining means the rug can be put on a wet horse after exercise or washing and the lining will wick away the moisture, dry your horse and the lining will remain dry next to your horse’s skin.

All Quilts can be used under any Bucas rug which has a Combi Neck attachment point including the following ranges:

  • Power Turnouts
  • Smartex Turnouts
  • Irish Turnouts
  • Sun Shower
  • Celtic Stable



  • 150g insulation
  • Stay-dry lining
  • T-bar with Snap-lock magnetic front closure
  • Shoulder darts
  • External cross surcingles
  • Fillet string
  • Attachment points for Bucas Quilt Neck
  • Attachment points for combination with Bucas turnout & stable rugs

Prices from:10.00Ireland only

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