Celtic Stable Light

***Combination of Old Stock/Seconds/Discountinued Styles***

The Bucas Celtic Stable range offers superb performance, strength, durability and quality. These stable rugs are made using a Polypropylene tough outer fabric and Bucas anti-bacterial Stay-dry lining. This means the rug can be put on a wet horse the same way as a sweat rug and will wick away the wetness and help dry your horse faster.

The anti-bacterial lining helps to keep the rug fresh and in good condition.

The Celtic Stable Light has Stay-dry fleece lining and also features Bucas Click’n Go closure system, an overlapping comfort front with double padding or Snap-lock magnetic closure (depends on what model is available) and shoulder darts ensure an excellent fit and plenty of shoulder room for your horse.

  • Tough Polypropylene outer
  • Click’n Go front closure system
  • Shoulder darts
  • Stay-dry lining
  • Anti-bacterial lining
  • Silk-feel lining on shoulder
  • Fillet string
  • Attachment points for a Combi Neck
  • Attachments for use over Bucas Quilts

Prices from:40.00129.99Ireland only

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  • Black White
  • Navy
  • Tartan
  • Tartan-Beige
  • 95/4'0
  • 115/5'0
  • 120/5'3
  • 125/5'6
  • 135/6'0
  • 145/6'6
  • 165/7'0

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