Sweet Itch Rugs

Bucas have developed a fabric  that prevents the tinier biting mites from getting to the horse. Prevention is the key to the sweet itch problem so ensuring the horse is covered before the midge biting season prevails will help this miserable syndrome.

The design is a full body cover, with a neck that reaches to the ears covering the whole mane area. An elasticated, detachable belly flap covers from the elbow to the sheath, offering protection to the horse’s whole body. Shoulder darts enable freedom of movement and a generous tail flap covers this hugely problematic area, preventing the small biting flies reaching the tail. Leg straps keep it firmly in place during your horse’s time in the field, and an overlapping, padded and lined front ensures it stays comfortable no matter how long your horse needs to wear it.

Bucas Sweet Itch also offers UV protection for horses preventing sunburn and stopping the coat from getting bleached.

  • Strong Polyester Fabric
  • UV Protection
  • T-bar with Snap-lock magnetic front closure
  • Elasticated and detachable belly pad
  • Fully integrated neck piece (not removable)
  • Shoulder darts
  • Silk-feel lining on the shoulder
  • Tail flap
  • Leg straps (included)

The Sweet-Itch rug is the same design as our Buzz-Off fly range, so for your convenience will fit and be fitted the same way as the Buzz-Off range of rugs!

Prices from:115.00155.00Ireland only

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